The University of Arizona
First Annual AIS Holiday Bake Off 2006


The first annual AIS Bake Off took place at the 2006 Holiday Potluck. Two renown Iron Chefs faced off in two firecely competitive and challenging categories: cookies and apple pie.

Tsianina Lomawaima and Amy Fatzinger, both known for their baking skills, took up the challenge. Attendees at the potluck did the judging. Amy won the cookie challenge by default when Tsianina's entry was mistakenly eaten by another family member. She thankfully decided to bring a turkey in place of the cookies. Amy's Double-Dark Chipotle cookies were declared delicious and the winner.

The pies were judge in 5 categories and the winner in each was:
Appearance: Tsianina Lomawaima's Double Crust Apple Pie
Crust: Tsianina Lomawaima's Double Crust Apple Pie
Filling: Amy Fatzinger's Caramel Apple Cream Pie
Taste: Amy Fatzinger's Caramel Apple Cream Pie

Overall Winner: Amy Fatzinger's Caramel Apple Cream Pie