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Stephanie Fryberg
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Area of Interest: 
Cultural and Social Psychology
Contact Information
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Psychology 312
(520) 626-9730
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Affiliated Faculty
Academic Degrees
Ph.D., 2003, Stanford University
About me: 
Stephanie Fryberg Tulalip, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Affiliate Faculty in AIS. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on cultural and social psychology. Her research interests focus on how social representations of race, culture, and social class influence psychological well-being, physical health, and educational attainment. Recent publications include, On being American Indian: Current and possible selves (with H. R. Markus, in Journal of Self and Identity), Racial ethnic self-schemas (with D. Oyserman, M. Kemmelmeier, H. Brosh, and T. Hart-Johnson, in Social Psychology Quarterly), and The possible selves of diverse adolescents: Content and function across gender, race and national origin (with D. Oyserman, in Possible selves: Theory, research, and application). Manuscripts currently in press include Models of education in American Indian, Asian American, and European American contexts (with H. R. Markus), Honor or harm: The effects of American Indian mascots on American Indian selves (with H. R. Markus, D. Oyserman, and J. M. Stone), The psychology of engagement with Indigenous identities: A cultural perspective (with G. Adams, D. M. Garcia, and E. U. Delgado), and The Psychology of Invisibility (with S. Townsend).